[SOLVED] Cannot rebuild the website after changes in theme


Sometime since I came to test. So I try again. Hugo looks better everytime.

I am trying to transpose my Pelican theme which I really like. So here I am copying files from pelican and adapting to Hugo syntax. Problem is, when I run “hugo server” it seems not to take in charge the current file.

[stephane@Jabberwocky hugo]$ hugo --watch server
Building sites … ERROR 2018/08/25 21:58:15 Error while rendering "page" in "post/": template: /home/stephane/hugo/themes/dev-random3/layouts/_default/single.html:14:47: executing "content" at <.Author.Url>: can't evaluate field Url in type hugolib.Author

There is no more any “author” variable in this “single.html”. So why can’t I build again ? (theme rewriting is not done yet)

So actually I could find an “Author” somewhere. My fault.