Smilies or no smilies?

when you type something like :) it currently gets turned into :slight_smile: … Personally I’m not a fan of the image and would prefer the text… what do other people think?

deep thoughts, I know

I like the image, but don’t really care much either way.

Prefer text, but don’t mind images much.

A smiley in textual discussion is most of the time a token of appreciation, like a silent nod. A gesture, to set the tone, to not to sound overly critical in a heated open source discussion.
As such, I see the current image as not very appropriate - its tone seems to be one of overly happy, mindless laughter, and not of a smile.
But maybe I am overly sensitive to the tone :)

After seeing them in a few places, I agree. They have a horrible tone. Let’s get rid of them.

I agree, if it were just a friendly smile, I'd be fine with it, but it looks like a huge wide grin, which is usually not the image I wish to convey.

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off now :slight_smile:

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I’ve just now signed up. The Welcome to Hugo Discussion message contains emoticons. Here’s an emoticon :slight_smile: visible to me in the preview (as I write).

Apparently (at this time) the configuration setting for reading/seeing emoticons (or perhaps for writing them) seems to be per-user—rather than being set for all users.

As I interpreted this, he’d like emoticons turned off for all users. Is this possible to do, I wonder?