Configure quotes substitution for goldmark

Hello it seems by default Hugo replaces normal single quotes with left/right single quotes.
How can I turn it off for goldmark?

GoHugo auto-enables the typographer extension of Goldmark. You want to set typographer=false in your configuration. See this doc:

thanks, I 've also noticed that in help , checked this and this helps
However is there a more subtle way to do it without turning off the whole extension?

I’m genuinenly curious why you would not want to replace ‘dumb quotes’ with ‘smart quotes’? For quotes, one is correct, the other is not.

We have description of SQL statements with examples. The idea is to allow users to copy-paste these examples from description to their SQL engine, execute and see the result.
For SQL ‘dumb quotes’ means a string literal and at the same time SQL has no idea what is ‘smart quotes’ => after such replacement SQL engine will complain about syntax error.

That make sense. Not tested but I assume that quotes withhin <code> and/or <pre> block would be left untouched by Goldmark, I’d certainly hope that’s the case at least!

Have you trued using Hugo’s code highlighting shortcode? Syntax Highlighting | Hugo

That is correct. This markdown:

He said, "We'll eat Joe's."

INSERT INTO tasks(title,priority)
VALUES('Learn MySQL INSERT Statement',1);

This `'works'` too.


@nternetinspired , @jmooring
thank you very much for your help it seems working

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