Slow/erratic loading of local videos with hugo server

I usually have to reload the page to get the video display, otherwise it’s just a sad little greyish rectangle with controls. You can see the difference. This time to take those pictures I had to reload four times my browser !

hugo v0.105.0+extended linux/amd64 BuildDate=unknown
Linux dr-80qr 6.0.7-arch1-1 #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Thu, 03 Nov 2022 18:01:58 +0000 x86_64 GNU/Linux

There is not enough information about your issue.

Are you adding video in markdown format? or in layout.
Link to this page to see the code?
Link to the source?

sorry I mixed up two different threads.

<video class=“video-shortcode” preload=“{{ .Get “preload” }}” controls>
<source src=“{{ .Get “src” }}” type=“{{ .Get “type” }}”>
There should have been a video here but your browser does not seem
to support it.

You are talking Chinese to me, but this the shortcode I used.

this is the code produced:

<p><div class=center-picture><div class="book-hint mx-auto"><q><strong>Dont get excited.</strong></q>
<video class=video-shortcode preload=metadata controls>
<source src=../../../Images/manga_comics/KiddyGirlAND/ep4/kdg4-boobs-moment.mp4 type=video/mp4>There should have been a video here but your browser does not seem
to support it.</video></div><div class="book-hint mx-auto"><figure class=figure_class><figcaption>The <strong>girl</strong></figcaption><a href=../../../Images/manga_comics/KiddyGirlAND/ep4/kdg4-ascoeur-full-panty.jpg target=_blank><img loading=lazy src=../../../Images/manga_comics/KiddyGirlAND/ep4/kdg4-ascoeur-full-panty.jpg.small alt="The **girl**" title="The **girl**"></a></figure><figure class=figure_class><figcaption>The adult woman</figcaption><a href=../../../Images/manga_comics/KiddyGirlAND/ep4/kdg4-qfeuille-underwears.jpg target=_blank><img loading=lazy src=../../../Images/manga_comics/KiddyGirlAND/ep4/kdg4-qfeuille-underwears.jpg.small alt="The adult woman" title="The adult woman"></a></figure></div></div><div class="book-hint info">I elaborated a theory, that I called <q>The boobs size theory</q>, stating that in a show talking about love (most are to one degree or antoher), the size of tits indicates either an <strong>excessive intellectualization from the female character</strong>, or <em>of</em> that character by the (male) protagonist. As you saw Qfeuille is marked as a know-it-all defining <strong>herself</strong> by intellect, thus deeply unsecure whenever it fails her. Usually her boobs are noticeably bigger than Qfeuille, but not grossly so. While they adopt <strong>inhuman proportions</strong> in this scene. The meaning will become clearer is a couple of episodes.</div></p>

you may find the video here: gorilla_zoo_muhdik_spree.mp4 - Google Drive
I don’t want to provide the complete html file because videos never worked with the hugo command… topic of the other thread.

your Source of the video look incorrect but cannot investigate more without knowing structure of your site etc.

why its ../../../?

Also, what browser you are using, as the code states There should have been a video here but your browser does not seem to support it.

This doesn’t look like hugo issue.

here’s my structure:

├──􀀂 archetypes
│ └──􀇱
├──􀌜 config.toml
├──􀀂 content
│ ├──🔗 → /home/drm/WEBSITE/content/docs/Autres_cachés/
│ └──􀀂 docs
│ └──􀀂 5 unlisted
├──􀀀 images_used_list.txt
├──􀀀 index.html → /home/drm/WEBSITE/public/index.html
├──􀆄 package-lock.json
├──􀀂 resources
│ └──􀀂 _gen …
├──􀀂 scripts
│ ├──􀋤
│ ├──􀋤
│ ├──􀋤
│ ├──􀋤
│ ├──􀋤
│ ├──􀋤
│ ├──􀋤
│ ├──􀋤
│ ├──􀋤
│ └──􀋤
├──􀀂 static
│ ├──􀀂 Images
│ │ ├──􀀂 article_inceste …
│ │ └──􀀂 11 unlisted
│ └──􀀂 pdf
│ └──􀉵 2 unlisted
└──􀀂 themes
└──􀀂 hugo-book
├──􀀂 archetypes …
└──􀀂 9 unlisted

and config.toml

languageCode = 'en-us'
title = 'Naturalism'
theme = "hugo-book"
publishDir = "public"
relativeurls = true
uglyurls = true
disableKinds = ['taxonomy', 'taxonomyTerm']

BookLogo = "/Images/history/favicons/symbole_nazi_perso_deux_arbres.webp"
BookTheme = 'dark'
BookSearch = true
BookPortableLinks = true
BookServiceWorker = true
BookTranslatedOnly = true
disablePathToLower = false
BookComments = true
Description = 'The purpose of this site is to promote a way of life and a vision of the world based on science as well as the spiritual rehabilitating the instincts we evolved with in terms of food, health and love life. Thanks to this definitive change of the human condition, a unification and regeneration of the White race becomes possible, in order to carry out its intended destiny, politically or otherwise.'
keywords = "politics, love life, extrasensory, national naturalism, instincts, sexuality, happiness, children, pedophilia, incest, nordic race, human condition, spirituality, metapsychics, paranormal, rawfood, regeneration, eugenics"
adress_forum = "http://localhost:90/"

# Needed for mermaid/katex shortcodes
block = true
title = true

unsafe = true
#      hardWraps = true

startLevel = 2
endLevel = 4

languageName = 'English'
contentDir = 'content'
weight = 1

enableInlineShortcodes = false

allow = ['^dart-sass-embedded$', '^go$', '^npx$', '^postcss$', 'micro']

# [menu]
# [[menu.before]]
#  identifier=''
#  parent= ''
#  name = ''
#  pre = ""
#  post = ""
#  url = ''

i don’t care about this configuration in particular, i just want one with which links/sources for pictures will work everytime both in local .html and through a webserver.

This …/…/…/Images is the result of relativeurl=true.