Site works on netlify but not locally - Error: from config

Hi there,

over night, I cannot deploy my site locally anymore. Changes pushed to netlify work and are displayed immediately on the site.

When I try to start the local server using

hugo sever -D

I get the following error:

Error: from config: failed to resolve output format “headers” from site config

This is the part from the config.toml file that can suddenly not be loaded anymore:

home: [HTML, RSS, JSON, WebAppManifest, headers, redirects]

Could anyone help me with this issue?

Many thanks in advance


I know you posted this almost 3 months ago but since the internet never forgets, here’s how I fixed issue.

I followed the following step (from Error: failed to resolve output format)

To resolve this Hugo issue, either:

(A) Manually delete Hugo’s default cache folder and re-run Hugo. Hugo’s cache folder defaults to $TMPDIR/hugo_cache/ on Mac/Linux and %TMP%\hugo_cache\ on Windows.

Then re-ran hugo server and it worked.


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