.Site.Taxonomies are empty

Hi all,

I made two custom taxonomies (“blog” and “projekte”), which I want to list in my overview. Last time (back in June or so) I edited my hugo project {{ .Site.Taxonomies.blog }} was giving me a list of all “blog”-taxonomies. Now I get empty results:

    {{ range .Site.Taxonomies }}
        {{ . }}
    {{ end }}

gives me:

map[] map[]

and so

    {{ range .Site.Taxonomies.blog }}
        {{ . }}
    {{ end }}

gives me nothing.

part with taxonomies in config.toml:

    blog = "blog"
    projekte = "projekte"

I updated Hugo to v0.57.2 or tried to access {{ .Site.Taxonomies.blog }} in different templates in my theme, but it didn’t make any difference.

Other .Site variables like .Site.Params are working. I couldn’t find anything similar to that problem. I have no idea where to start from… :confused:

Do you get files under public/tag and public/projekte ?

{{ range site.Taxonomies.blog }}
    {{ .Page.Title }}
{{ end }}

quote from release notes:

Global site and hugo var: Two new global variables in site and hugo . hugo gives you version info etc. ( {{ hugo.Version }} , {{ hugo.Environment }} ), but the site is probably more useful, as it allows you to access the current site’s variables (e.g. {{ site.RegularPages }} ) without any context (or “.”).

You can write me a PM in German :wink:

hi there,

any tipps for me ? Got still the same problem - maybe a hugo bug?

my taxonomie page were generated in a prio version of hugo.

it seems do be a bug of hugo. in Version 0.55.x everything works fine - in 0.62.2 taxonomy is broken :-C