How to update hugo site with all new posts which already published

I have build a site with more than 100 posts. I have buld my site offline and published once the site had 100 blog posts. I have copied the contents of folder PUBLIC to my hosting provider and sit became live.
What is the process for creating new post. Should i re-upload all the contents in public folder agian? Or only one new markdown file can only be uploaded?
If yes should i just copy the new markdown file to my web hosting folder?

When you update a single markdown file and rebuild the site, many other pages may change as well (home page, section page, term pages, RSS, sitemap, etc.). How you deploy depends on how you host your site.

If you only have ftp access to your site, push everything.
If you have ssh access to your host, use rsync with checksums.

See the documentation for other options:

Or search this forum for similar hosting setups.

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