Showcase : Storytelling with Hugo

Hope this isn’t too out of line.

I have been using Hugo as the platform to publish a small novel that acts like a puzzle game. And it was only possible because of a number of things.

Hugo allowed for a unique content structure, and the different sections mean these posts don’t get lost with ‘categories’ or static pages.

Each chapter of the story is encrypted and is decrypted on the server side using javascript. Which wouldn’t be easy if there wasn’t the option to switch between markdown and html with ease.

In some puzzles you have to do something with your phone or get to see text messages arrive with the iOS look and feel.

And so far, with all the frontend javascript, css, and new content, Hugo is really pulling it’s weight and taking a lot of the hard work out of it. :slight_smile:


Creative! I got through a couple steps so far.

@RickCogley if you get too stuck, send me a dm for hints :slight_smile:

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