Show a section when clicking on a button in a md file

I’m new to Hugo and I’m working with a project created by someone else, that is based on markdown.
I want to add some logic: Open a panel / section including some text when clicking on a button.
Is it possible? any hint?

I think the geekdoc theme’s expand shortcode does what you are looking for: hugo-geekdoc/expand.html at main · thegeeklab/hugo-geekdoc · GitHub

Thank you, I’ll have a look at it. First I’ll look for an introduction tutorial on shortcodes

You could use HTML’s detail/summary éléments – they’re designed for exactly that purpose.

Thanks @chrillek . have I to embed these HTML’s detail/summary in the shortcodes or directly in the markdown?
Sorry but I’m an absolute beginner :slight_smile:

That’s a matter of taste. I wouldn’t want to use HTML in my MD files, though, if I can avoid that.

Thanks both for your good input.
I could solve my use case in the following way:

  1. Created a shortcode called code.html like this:
    <summary>{{.Get 0}} </summary>

and included it in the md in this way

{{< code Summary >}}
detail to display
{{< /code >}}

Thanks again!

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