Should hugo server -v log the config file name?

Just curious about some log output. When I run hugo server -v, it outputs a line for the config file, but the value is not populated.

macpro:ccg mdhender$ hugo server -v 

INFO 2017/10/08 21:46:29 Using config file: 

It’s empty even if I provide a value:

macpro:ccg mdhender$ hugo --config config.toml server -v

INFO 2017/10/08 21:51:18 Using config file: 

It looks like the call to output should use config.ConfigFileUsed, not viper.ConfigFileUsed. That viper variable seems to be a leftover global.

./commands/hugo.go:	cfg.Logger.INFO.Println("Using config file:", viper.ConfigFileUsed())

PR 3951 if this makes sense.