Did recent changes prevent log files from being generated

First, let’s introduce the environment and the wrapper used, that is, use Hugo in a nodejs-related way, so I don’t understand many situations.

Recently, I found that the hugo command line did not generate a log file.
Not sure what the reason is, because it has been updated frequently recently.

This option is generally used, and a real-time log file is generated in the root directory of the project, because sometimes the content of my console is lost after switching the size. So almost all commands use Hugo’s log parameter, and there was no problem not long ago. Not sure what went wrong. No log files have been debugged, nor any related error prompts.


  --log                        enable Logging
  --logFile string             log File path (if set, logging enabled automatically)
        "hugo--build": "hugo --gc",
        "hugo--build:watch": "hugo -e production --gc --watch --log",
        "hugo--build:watch:debug": "hugo -e production --gc --watch --log --debug",
        "hugo--dev": "hugo -e development --gc --log",
        "hugo--dev:watch": "hugo -e development --gc --watch --log",
        "hugo--dev:watch:debug": "hugo -e development --gc --watch --log --debug",
        "hugo-server:production": "hugo server -e production --gc --watch --log",
        "hugo-server:development": "hugo server -e development --gc --watch --log",

I check in reverse order of the version number, and finally the version number of the log file that can be generated is as follows.
Do you know why?

hugo v0.111.3-5d4eb5154e1fed125ca8e9b5a0315c4180dab192+extended windows/amd64 BuildDate=2023-03-12T11:40:50Z VendorInfo=gohugoio

“hugo-bin”: “0.102.2”,

Yea, probably my mistake, and I will check:

Why the function is lost or abnormal, but not detected by automated inspection, is a question that needs to be thought about in spare time! Infrastructure is equally important. This time it was just a small anomaly.