Problem rendering AsciiDoc embedded Hugo Shortcodes since 0.16

I have an internal technical documentation site based on asciidoc(tor) content. It was rendering happily with hugo 0.14 and 0.15 - however, when upgrading it to 0.16, I do see now HUGOSHORTCODE-1, HUGOSHORTCODE-2 sections instead of fully rendered shortcodes.

In rendered HTML such a section looks strangely nested:


Any ideas?

Yes, and I think it is fixed in the latest (0.17-DEV).

Which reminds me we should get some automatic test for asciidoc … I fixed shortcodes in RST, but broke a couple of other places …

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Hi - many thanks for this hint!

Do you personally use RST markup with Hugo and/or do you consider it’s a first-class citizen along with Markdown?