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What would be the best approach for sharing some posts/assets (but not all) for multiple sites with different themes? I’m not afraid to edit the themes and mess around, if necessary. So far I’ve came to this:

  • [x] Multiple config.toml files (with different output/public dir setting), one per website. Using hugo --config <site.toml> when exporting.
  • [x] Moving shared static files to extra separate folder and specifying it in both configs. (Didn’t test it yet, but should work based on what I read.)
  • [ ] Separating shared posts. Not sure where to put them, and not sure how to tell both sites to use the posts. I would also prefer if I could specify different paths for each site, but I can handle that with alias if needed.

I’m using mainroad and navigator themes. Any guidance is appreciated. :slight_smile:

I would look into the relatively new mounts feature – import content assets as Hugo Components into /content, /layout, /assets etc… Search the documentation – note that you don’t need to use the socalled Hugo Modules to mount folders and files into your project.


Thank you. This seems to be the correct path, but I have an issue. Adding:

    source = "../shared/assets"
    target = "static/assets"

seems to cause theme’s mounts to be applied after root’s files. I.e. if the theme has themes/mainroad/static/img/avatar.png and I have static/img/avatar.png, I still get the theme’s default instead of my override. Without the mount, the override works.

I couldn’t find anything in the documentation about how all this works, or how I could modify the mount ordering.

Not one of those paths matches the mount config above, making it impossible for me to guess.

OK; I think I can guess what’s happening. If you define a module mount for your project, you need to define all of them (including the defaults you use, e.g. /static).

Excellent, that did it! Thank you.
I’ve actually tried that before posting, but only on a subfolder and also tested it wrong. There were two issues caused by this and I tried to fix one but checked for the other. :smiley:

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