Multiple homepages for multiple configs?

I’m looking at converting a project built with a help authoring tool to Hugo.

This project can publish several different help sites, one for each product. There is a lot of shared content - so a single topic might appear in the help for products A, B and F.

I’ve set up a config folder with separate configurations for each product. And I can exclude topics which don’t belong in whichever target I’m building in Hugo.

But I’ve just realized that each help site needs its own homepage - and there can be only one homepage in Hugo.

Is there a way I might draw the title, description and content for the homepage not from content/index.html but from another place?

You can mount shared content across different projects. See:

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That’s a great idea. I’ve been playing - but I can’t mount local folders.

For example, if I create a folder in the project root - mounts - do you know how I would specify the path?

I’ve got

    - source: mounts/resources
      target: content/en

but it’s not coming through.

You are using namespaces already used by Hugo internally.

Try using something different than mounts and resources for the mount source.

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Brilliant. Hugo’s brilliant, and so is this place.

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