Setting post to draft causes "circular loop"

High, I have a couple posts that I want to stop from rendering, but don’t want to outright delete. I figured I’d just set draft to true in the post’s frontmatter. But this is causing my netlify deploys to fail with the error message “timed out initializing value. This is most likely a circular loop in a shortcode

I saw this post and tried setting timeout = 3000 as well, but it’s still failing on me. If I remove the draft status, everything works. Is there something I’m missing about drafts?

Here’s my frontmatter for one of the posts:

	"authors": ["Keisha S Perkins"],
	"title": "Avocado",
	"what": "logo",
	"categories": ["design"],
	"tags": ["branding","logo","identity"],
	"what": "logo",
	"weight": "1",
	"draft" : "true",
	"layout": "logo",
	"date": "2018-07-08T11:08:21-06:00",
	"resources": [
	         "name": "logo",
	         "src": "Avocado_Logo.svg"

"true" is a string; true is a boolean. If this does not fix your issue, you will have to share your code so we can replicate.

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