Serving of static html assets

I generate a slideshow from jupyter notebook ( following these instructions I generated a HTML file. However, I can not find a way to serve it with hugo / link to it in my post

I don’t know anything about Jupyter, BUT I can tell you that any files you add to “static” are copied over without modification.

So, for example, if you had static/my-static-page.html in your source directory and run your local server, you’ll be able to find that page exactly as you placed it at localhost:1313/my-jupyter-page.html.

As far as linking to it in your post, it depends on whether you’re using rel links or not. If you’re plan is to serve the static file (and the site itself) from the root, you should be able to just use [to my Jupyter page](/my-jupyter-page.html) in your *.md files.