Sections and navigation, how does it work?

Hi everyone,
I’m building a sort of manual with simple structure but I’m having issues finding a right way to implement navigation.

So my content is like this:
– 1A,md
– 1B,md
– 2A,md
– 2B,md

I only have a single.html template for the pages inside the chapters and a list.html template that renders a chapter list of pages, at the beginning of each chapter.
I’m using .NextInSection and .PrevInSection functions to navigate through the pages of a chapter and works very well.
So, my 2 questions are:

  1. Is there a way to tell single.html to go to the next section once it reaches the last page of a section? All pages are ordered by weight in frontmatter.

  2. How do I correctly implement a link to the chapter page (section) in each page? I would like to use the section title as it is written in frontmatter of

Thanks for your help!