Secondary page inside Page Bundle

I figured out the difference between branch and leaf bundlees, the hard way.

I have this structure:

story (section)
|_____crypto (section)
                |___  chapter 1/index.html
                |___  chapter 2/index.html

Right now, i wanted to do something like this:

story (section)
|_____crypto (section)
                |___  chapter 9
                               |___  index.html
                               |___  page2.html

Page 2 does not need to be listed, or part of any other section for that matter. Is there any way to do this?

I do have a parameter called unlisted: true but that is being used for a different feature of the site.

… but you don’t have any branch bundles in the examples you later show.

That should be possible right away… As per that example, chapter 9 would be a leaf bundle and it will show only the content from index.html. In order to see stuff from page2.html, you will have to embedded that using Resources in a template file… because page2.html is a page-resource, and so it does not have its own Permalink or a rendered file in public/.

I am not sure what you mean by that. Any page resource will not appear anywhere by default… the only way is to embedded content from them using the Resource functions in a template.

I didn’t get the context of that…

Thanks ! It’s working now, with this:

- src: IMG_1742.jpg
  name: "header"
- src: messages/index.html
  name: "page"

As for the end of that post … yeah I guess I was more tired than I actually felt.

Cool! Btw note that you don’t have to type the specific src name if there’s just one of those in your example… they can be simplified by using **.jpg and **.html instead.

*.foo will look for a file with foo extension only in the current directory, while **.foo will look for the same in nested sub-directories too.

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