Searching on blog doesn't function correctly

My blog has a search tab. When I query something, the search seems to filter things. However in the search results I see a lot of pages that don’t have the query. Example when I search for ‘recursion’ I see

I opened all the posts above. They don’t have ‘recursion’ in them.

I Then tried searching a different keyword. I tried ‘script’. It found some other posts that again I wasn’t expecting. Although when a opened a post, the post had ‘subscription’ or ‘description’ used. So I’m guessing that’s valid.

These settings in my config file: mfaani/config.yml at main · mfaani/mfaani · GitHub do create an index.json at

I’m wondering if this is a problem with the theme, hugo itself or if I’m doing something wrong.

FWIW I’ve the papermod theme, but don’t believe I’ve made any changes in regards to search functionality.

The search function is a feature of the papermod theme. Best to ask the theme authors about it.

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