Search results drop-down?


If I look at the demo of the DocDock theme here: I can enter a search term into the search box (e.g. “theme”) and matching pages start to display in a drop-down below the search box. I’ve tried installing that theme and I don’t get that, I just get matching words highlighted on the navigation menu and current page.

I do have the correct output formats in my config.toml:

home = [ "HTML", "RSS", "JSON"]

I’m probably missing something straightforward, how do I enable this?



I test the theme and the search result is working just like it should be

I suggest you to copy all the file inside exampleSite folder (content, layouts and config example) and paste it right in the root of your Hugo site

or you can ask the the author

Hi Yudy, thanks for the reply.

I found the problem - in my config.toml the site’s hostname in the baseURL setting didn’t match the hostname I was actually viewing the content on, so Chrome was looking in the wrong place for the index.json

Hopefully this helps someone else in future with a similar problem.