Scuffed example site - heyo

Hi I am new here, i tried to install the heyo example site, but getting this scuffed result. What I am doing wrong ?

Start building sites …
hugo v0.124.0-629f84e8edfb0b1b743c3942cd039da1d99812b0+extended windows/amd64 BuildDate=2024-03-16T15:44:32Z VendorInfo=gohugoio

                   | EN
  Pages            |  8
  Paginator pages  |  0
  Non-page files   |  0
  Static files     |  5
  Processed images |  0
  Aliases          |  1
  Cleaned          |  0

Built in 38 ms
Environment: "development"
Serving pages from disk
Running in Fast Render Mode. For full rebuilds on change: hugo server --disableFastRender
Web Server is available at //localhost:1313/ (bind address

If you want to test the theme:

git clone
cd heyo-hugo-theme/exampleSite/
hugo server --themesDir ../..

If you want to create a new site:

hugo new site mysite
cd mysite/
git init
git submodule add themes/heyo-hugo-theme
rm hugo.toml
cp -r themes/heyo-hugo-theme/exampleSite/* .
hugo server

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