.Scratch within partial range

I’m trying to use .Scratch in a range within a partial file. The goal is to set a .Scratch value outside of the range, change the scratch value in the range, then display the new value outside of the range. However, I can’t seem to even display the existing scratch value in the range.

In my main file, I’m using dict to pass context:

{{ partial "sections/build.html" (dict "c" . "g" $ ) }}`

In my partial file I’m able to set a scratch and display it properly. However, this doesn’t work within the range.

<!--. is .c-->
<!--$ is .g-->

{{ .g.Scratch.Set "number" "seven" }}

<!--displays seven correctly-->
{{ .g.Scratch.Get "number" }}
    {{ range .c.row1 }}
    <!--doesn't return anything-->
        {{ .g.Scratch.Get "number" }}
    {{ end }}

I know that I could set a variable equal to the scratch value and then display my scratch within the range this way. However, then I can’t reference the new scratch value outside of the range.

I would store your .g.Scratch in a variable instead. I did not test this, but I’m pretty sure, it would be accessible later on.

{{ $scratch := .g.Scratch }}
{{ $scratch.Set "number" "seven" }}
{{ range .c.row1 }}
    {{ $scratch.Get "number" }}
 {{ end }}

You solved my problem, thank you!

I was previously creating the variable like this:

{{ .g.Scratch.Set "number" "seven" }}
{{ $number := .g.Scratch.Get "number" }}

Glad I could help! :slight_smile:
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