No Scratch functionality in Index?


I tried using the scratch functionality inside a partial in my index, and no matter what it always returned as nothing. I tried as a string, integer, and float. This leads me to believe that there is no “Scratch” on an index page because it’s not a “page”?


“Everything” is a page and have a scratch. But make sure you pass the index page to the partial.


Here’s my partial declaration
{{ partial "project-group" (dict "meta" . "group" "animation") }}

And these are the lines inside the partial using the scratch
{{ $.Scratch.Set "string" "string" }} {{ $string := $.Scratch.Get "string" }}

And inside a range in the partial (which has its own internal context)
{{ $string }}

Do I need to be using .meta when using my scratch? I thought that’s what the $ was for?

Thank you for your time.




The $. syntax is a way to refer to the outermost context, to avoid confusion when inside a range etc. In your case that would be the map created from the dict func, and not the object containing the Scratch.


Oh okay, that makes sense! Thank you so much!