Sass Pipeline & Multilang Setup leads to wrong assets-domain

i currently face the following issue when using hugos builtin sass pipeline

My current config (simplified)

  - my-hugo-base
    language: de-DE
    language: de-AT

generates this output with folders in the baseurl

<link rel="stylesheet" id="relparmalink" href="/f2/scss/main.css">  
<link rel="stylesheet" id="permalink" href="">
<link id="testforpermalink" href="">

when using no folder (in the basurl fo the configfile - for testing purpose) the output is this

<link rel="stylesheet" id="relparmalink" href="/scss/main.css">  
<link rel="stylesheet" id="permalink" href="">
<link id="testforpermalink" href="">

so if someone would need no path the relPermalink would work. But i am building a subsection of the page with hugo (sitting in paths for 13 langs > 100k Pages) this is no option for us. Therefor it would be cool if the ressource (which gets built in all langsfolders) could obey the permalink of the baseurl. Server Mode behaves the same way and takes the url of the first built lang-version


Hugo Static Site Generator v0.60.1/extended darwin/amd64 BuildDate: unknown

Testrepo: to easily reproduce behaviour


im not working in an agency and we are building our catalogue-pages with hugo. So i don’t earn money with hugo. i just make my life simpler with it :wink: for simplicity and for testing i adjusted the urls.


i really don’t get your problem? I’m an inhouse guy and i use hugo for our catalogues.

here are the two final urls where the multilang-site is living:

Not sure how i waste your time with this. For me it’s a valid question and the hugo forum seems to be the best place to ask it. Esp since it looks kind of like a bug to me

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Please do not pay attention.
And I am sorry that you had to put up with trolling in this forum.

Hopefully someone else will help you in your inquiry.


Thx for cleaning up and no worries. For years I was moderating in a forum and I’m used to a lot. Also updated the initial post and added a Testrepo as well as the env I am using. So it should be easy to recreate my problem :slight_smile: