Assets in multidomain site with language directories

Hi All,

I have multilingual Hugo site configured in a way that it uses two domain names and generates two subdirectories (one per language) in public folder.

This is part of my config:


    lang                   = "pl"
    languageCode           = "pl"
    contentDir             = "content/pl"
    baseURL                = ""

    lang                   = "en"
    languageCode           = "en-en"
    contentDir             = "content/en"
    baseURL                = ""

I would like Hugo to manage assets (generate fingerprinted names and so on) but when it comes to assets’ generation the files are placed directly in public.

I can work around that with Makefile and copy needed subdirectories to language subdirectories (they are then accessed by different servers for different domain names).

However, the current setup makes development annoying because when operating in server mode, Hugo cannot access the resources that are outsite of language directories in both processes. To work around that I’m running hugo server with the argument --renderToDisk and setting symbolic links within public/pl and public/en with targets public/{js,css,ico}/.

Can I somehow improve/fix that?

Kind regards,