Same feature as the Tags selection in Hugo Themes site

The Hugo Themes site has a tags feature that allows to display the corresponding themes for a particular tag (ie.all responsive themes for the tag responsive)
I would like to implement the same feature for each section of my site.
Basically to display all tags for a given section and by selecting one tag to display all corresponding articles of this given section.
I tried to understand the rational of the partial {{ partial “nav-links-tags.html” .context }} in the Themes site Github repository but unsuccessfully due to my very poor skills.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Can this topic make help?

Section based Tags

by the way, I am still trying to find a way of working it out efficiently :tired_face:

Have a look at the Minimo theme repository.

Thank you.
The filter function works with a given tag, but it looks like the taxonomy cloud displays all tags for the whole site.
I am looking for the same feature (taxonomy cloud) but with only tags relative to a given section.
Still playing around

Taxonomies are independent from sections. It’s a different model.

What you’re asking can be done but it’s non-standard.

Have a look over here: Pass Frontmatter to Taxonomy Without

I am using this to render custom taxonomy menus that are different per section.