Running Hugo

So I downloaded the universal theme and I am trying to follow the instructions to run the example site. But all I get are error messages, and the documentation seems to be basically non-existent regarding the options for the hugo command.

harold@ded ~/hugosite/themes/hugo-universal-theme/exampleSite $ /usr/sbin/hugo -w -t ~/hugosite/themes/hugo-universal-theme/
Error: Unable to find theme Directory: /home/harold/hugosite/themes/hugo-universal-theme/exampleSite/themes/home/harold/hugosite/themes/hugo-universal-theme

I thought I might try some of the other options in the hugo command, but they are not documented either. How am I supposed to use Hugo if there is no documentation?

I had read all that. Five word explanations of what a flag might do is not sufficient to use the product.

You come in with your first post and complain about “no documentation”. That is not true, there is plenty of documentation if you bother to read and understand it. The documentation may be improved, but please do remember that this is an open source project – people do this work for free.

So please come back with concrete questions without that complaining tone, and you will see that this forum is a helpful source of information.

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