RSS in Section

I’m trying to edit the RSS of my section due to a linking issue.

I can edit that one pretty easy: created the index.rss.xml over at /layouts/index.rss.xml

But when I try to create one for the content folder itself (content/issue-1/) I fail miserably!

Its there alright, but I want to change that template. Tried it all, still no luck into creating an index.rss.xml that will let me play with the content/issue-1/ folder

In config.toml

home = [“HTML”, “RSS”]
section = [“HTML”, “RSS”]

If I delete the RSS from section, it won’t render the section. So I’m sure it is a section, but still, I tried adding the index.rss.xml to:


Any ideas?

use the Hugo options –debug --log, Hugo lists the templates looking for


You’re correct sir, thank you very much. I was missing that one.