Multiple RSS feed for single section

Hey all?
I’d like to create multiple RSS feeds for a podcast because I’d like to customize each one for a series of distribution platforms (eg Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, etc…) Some platforms have unique fields and we’d like to use some fields in different ways in different platforms.

Is there any way to create multiple customized xml files for the same section? I’m not seeing it but I may be missing something. Thanks!


example for an custom RSS feed

    MediaType             = "application/rss+xml"
    BaseName              = "feed"
    IsHTML                = false
    IsPlainText           = true
    noUgly                = true
    Rel                   = "alternate"

    home                  = [ "HTML", "ATOM", "JSON", "FEED"]

template name is home.feed.rss

I’ve done this, bc. my own RSS feed collided with the buildin.


Hi @maiki, @ju52, are the solutions you’re mentioning above applicable if I want lots of the same type for a single page. eg:

For a single page at, I want:

  • (type: application/rss+xml)
  • (type: application/rss+xml)
  • (type: application/rss+xml)

They’d all be fed from the same list items on but I’d create individual xml files, each of which I’ve configured with different parameters.

Thanks! :grinning: