RSS Feed for Blogs help


Hope you are well.

I have a site I am working on see here:

I want an RSS feed for the main blog page that displays say the 10 latest articles and if the blog updates so will the feed with the latest changes.

Currently the RSS is the default in Hugo and I can find an individual RSS feed for each article but not showing all the articles if that makes sense.

I am currently using Gitlab and forestry.

Could someone tell me what I need to achieve this.

I basically want to enter say a URL or search term in an RSS feed reader and see the blog posts.

Eventually the URL will change to

Have a look at - I think it should give what you’re looking for. may also be helpful, but it will include all content types.

@funkydan2 Thanks for this.

So I can’t find the RSS feed URL.

Any ideas or are you able to find it?

Do neither of the two URLs I posted above give you the RSS feed you’re looking for?

@funkydan2 Correct

Ok - I don’t think I understand your question. What do you mean by

Blog is this section The RSS feed for that section is

@funkydan2 When I enter that in my RSS feed reader Flym nothing comes up.

The feed ( shows up when I open it in Firefox.

Try testing it at

Or (which works, but the output is a bit hard to read).

So that worked so I am wondering if it is the RSS Feed reader I am using.

Yes, it is obviously a bug with your RSS feeder. Log an issue here: