Rotating iOS preview photo without affecting Twitter card


I have finally completed my site,, and I spent some time making sure the Twitter card showed a photo & showed appropriate text.

I have come to learn that if one sends the URL by iOS, that same preview photo is rotated 90 degrees.

I sought to get answers at the Academic support site, but it appears that recent posts have gone unanswered (community perhaps too small to effectively address questions, unfortunately).

Any advice on repairing the appearance of the iOS preview photo is greatly appreciated!


Hiya! The Academic theme was created by @neutreno. It has a dedicated issue queue and community chat, in case you haven’t tried one of those. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I don’t think it’s an issue per se (issue is probably between keyboard & chair :smile:) & the community chat appears to be a bit of a ghost town with respect to answers. I think the last answer provided to someone was August 2.

Fingers crossed that I can learn something here! :slight_smile:

Not sure if this is even Hugo-related but, what do you mean by this? Are you talking about clicking the button on a post to share via Twitter?

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A colleague texted the URL for the site to someone, and what appeared on the iPhone was a 90-degree rotated version of the photo I selected as the Twitter card for this site

@byrdjb this isn’t really a Hugo specific question I recommend you look through the documentation for iOS link previews.

Here’s what I found with a quick search.

From briefly looking over this it looks like it uses the open graph metadata on your page. So I think just make sure you have open graph tags set up properly. That link I included explains it more thoroughly.

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Thank you!

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Ok, that would imply it’s something in the card code, or, the image itself. If Hugo is modifying (mostly resizing I would assume) the image, it is possible Hugo is causing the problem but I think you’ll need to experiment (I guess that goes for Twitter modifying the image as well). An image can be rotated correctly in the first place, or, it can appear rotated due to display code respecting EXIF properties.