Revisiting after 3 months (a Hugo based website)

If you managed to read my previous posts here

It was all about my new side project.

Here is an update for all these curious people who want to know how it’s going after (just) three months.

Even I am surprised how it goes and hopes it will be only better. Thank to Hugo it allows me (and the author of the posts) to achieve what we want, and we are hungry for more.

Here is an update:


Thank you for this! I’m on a similar journey. Did you make the theme from scratch or preexisting?

For a CMS, have you looked into Front matter on vscode? The developer is extremely responsive and helpful.


All from scratch.

With this site if I want to use CMS this will be for person who creating content hence not want to make it dependent on software. Will see how it will go :crazy_face:

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