Import a markdown partial into a html file

I have a .html content file. I want to write a small part of it in markdown, and then include it using a shortcode. So far, it is not turning the markdown into HTML. How do I achieve this??

Another option is to have your file in markdown then add HTML to it

Thanks for the suggestion. I had tried that but the markdown parser was inserted random unwanted paragraph tags into my markup.

I see. If you share your code, we may be able to help with your shortcode issue

There isn’t much too it: a file in my shortcodes directory.
In my html file I have {{< comments >}}

Are you using the markdownify function in your shortcode?

I was hoping this would work but it didn’t :frowning:
{{< comments | markdownify >}}

You need to use it in your shortcode definition, not in your shortcode call.