Resume page, different theme under

I have a site using a hugo-tranquil-theme and it’s working great! No issues and am very happy with the end result!

My next task is to add a resume page. I quite like the Orbit theme, and I’d like to use that theme for a resume page under a subdomain:

I’ve done some research on subdomain forwarding, but I don’t think forwarding is what I’m after. I’d like the url to remain when the user is viewing my resume/cv and not a separate domain I’ve had to purchase for the sake of hosting my one page resume.

So there’s two questions I suppose:

  1. Two themes on one site (Which I know is covered in a number of other inquiries within the support category)
  2. Hosting having the page under the address. Google’s instructions on that only offer a glimpse into forwarding, and not much else. Perhaps I don’t quite understand the construct of subdomains?

I’m using google domains to manage my domain, and am hosting my hugo site on google’s firebase.

Thanks for any support!


How I’d approach it is to simply set up a second site on your host. If Apache, you’d set a separate vhost to do it. Then make a second Hugo project and publish to

You can forward with various methods but imo it’s less nice than cutting another site.

Also you can theme a different section differently as well.

If you’re using firebase it looks like this is the situation if you have multiple domains:

Edit: oops, spoke too soon. Looks like they say they do support multiple domains.!msg/firebase-talk/iFyES5bbP-8/MW5opAiDBAAJ

Your scenario works fine with Netlify. I have multiple sites hosted on different sub-domains, and even a site directory. Netlify makes this happen for free, once you switch your domain DNS management to Netlify, which is easy.

All of the above are separate Hugo sites :smile:

Yeah, and I’d say there’s a lot more community knowledge re Netlify compared to Firebase which, I don’t think I’ve seen much of on here.

Thanks for the prompt replies! I was hoping to have it on the same site so I didn’t have to worry about deploying two discrete sights over time. However, it’s not that big of a deal and simply using as the domain for the resume works great.

Thanks again for all your help :slight_smile: