Links behaving mysteriously on resume theme

First of all, I am quite new to hugo, html, css et cetera so I apologize if my language is not correct, but I promise I did as much homework as possible before asking this question.

I am building a website on hugo with the resume theme, and I have run into an issue with links to different sections of the page. The resume theme produces a single page with several sections, and shows links on the top of the screen to all of the different sections. When I run the website on localhost using the hugo server command, clicking on any of these links gives me back a 404 page not found error. I also have the website hosted at, (which is the baseURL in my config.toml file in hugo) and when I click on the links here, they take me to the base instead of the different sections of the page.

When I was originally creating the site, the baseURL was set to examplesite dot com in the config.toml file. It was not until I changed this that I started experiencing these problems. I figured the issue was that there were other instances of ‘examplesite dot com’ somewhere else in the source files that should be changed as well, but I am unable to find such an instance.

Unfortunately I find that the documentation for the resume theme gives no insights into this issue (at least as far as I can tell). Does anybody have any ideas what might be going on?

Here is a link to the hugo files on github to build the website:

Some other possibly related issues: (1) my favicon is not showing up (2) when I visit my website on chrome, it displays correctly, but on firefox the theme and display look completely wrong.

Your repo seems incomplete. The layouts/index.html file is loading partials, but the layouts/partials folder seems to be missing.

Looking at the code I have the feeling that the theme autor never tried using the theme in a subfolder :wink: the links are not going to, they are going to /, which in your case is

favicons: your site lives at and you have no favicon in your header defined. So the browser looks at|ico) for the favicon.

Use this generator to create your favicon, put it in static/favicons and link to /~chandler/favicons/... (they ask for that path at the end before creation) then add the code to your HTML header.

firefox/chrome: I checked only on chrome, but if it shows wrong in one browser and in the other it looks right, then a cache might be in play. Delete the browser cache and try again.

Use the browserconsole (In chrome it’s callable via F12) and see if anything red turns up.

Thank you for your reply. Sorry again, I am quite confused about a great deal of things right now.

First: I also see that layouts/partials is missing in github. It is present in my resumesite folder on my computer, but when I drag and drop the folder into the github repository, it is no longer present. I’ve tried uploading it again and still seeing the same thing happening. Could this be because there are too many files in the folder, and it is not allowing me to put them all in the repository?

I am not sure what you mean about the author never tried using the theme in a subfolder. Could you elaborate on that? Why is it that the links are going to / ? Is there something specific I could change to fix this?

Favicons: The original template for the website had a file called favicon.ico in the static folder. All I did was make a new favicon, saved it under the same name, and replaced the original file. This was working fine until I changed the baseURL. I will try your approach though. But could you explain what you mean by add the code to your HTML header? Which html file would this be?

Thank you again for your reply (and your patience!)

All new questions depend on your partials being in the repo, everything else is a black box :wink:

favicons: your static folder is copied to your websites “root” folder, but your SPECIFIC root folder is a SUB-folder of your universities (or organisations) website, so it’s not really in root. Once we have access to your partials we can solve that mystery.

Uploading files to Github is a new concept to me :wink: If you have access to a computer with a shell/command line try the following:

cd folderthatisempty
git clone
cd resumesite
# now copy over all files from your local folder, EXCEPT the .git folder << that is not a command, use a file manager or however you copy on your system
git add -A
git commit -m "adding all files for the site"
git push origin

After that all files should be in your repo. It might make sense to create a new repo for that.

By the way, have a look at - you might learn useful stuff for later use, it’s learning by doing from there. I use Git for my writing work (versioning!!!) too.

Ok, took me awhile to figure out all the SSH stuff but I was able to run the code you provided. I think the same issue is occuring as when I tried to “drag and drop” the folder. When I run the code you gave, my terminal tells me:

On branch main

Your branch is up to date with ‘origin/main’.

nothing to commit, working tree clean

after git commit -m, and

Everything up-to-date

after git push origin. When I simply “drag and drop” the resumesite folder into, I am getting a message telling me “the file is empty”. Specifically when I try to add the partials folder to the layouts directory, it is again telling me “the file is empty”. I promise you it is very much not empty. A similar problem is coming up for some other people here:

(also in many other forums) where it seems the issue has not been resolved. Any ideas what might be going on?

Ok, so I haven’t solved the github issue, but there’s no need to focus on that. Here is a google drive link to the resumesite folder:

This has all of the actual content of the hugo files including the partials inside the layouts folder.