Restricted word lookup


Would it be possible to use a list of keywords that site writers are restricted from using? So, for example, if the build process sees any instances of these bad keywords in a list it automatically fails the build. Could be great for managing negative comments and other user generated content. Does Hugo support anything like this?

No Hugo does not support what you ask.

But you could create a dictionary. See:

And then replace those keywords to something else. See the following related topic to get an idea on how to go about it:

You’re really dealing with two different things here:

For static content on your site, you could go with the solution by @alexandros

For comments, it would depend on how you have it implemented on your site. It would most likely have to be handled through whatever comment system you’re using

This can be done outside of Hugo. If you use a CI provider such as CircleCI, Travis CI, or GitLab CI, you can write a script to check for those words in your Markdown and fail if it finds them.