Resources empty with live reload

Hi. I’m running the server with hugo server --watch -v --disableFastRender --ignoreCache.

I have

content/post/B/d.jpg has resources: - src: "*.jpg" and shows all the jpg images in the folder.

When I copy to the B folder, a new post appears, but the resources are empty. It was my first time using resources, so I spent hours debugging this. Until I restarted the server and suddenly the photos for post B showed up.

I have a bunch of folders with images, and I’m adding an to each of those folders one by one. Each time I need to restart the server to have the photos appear in the post.

Is that a bug? Why live reload doesn’t include the resources until the server is restarted?

This is a copy of LiveReload not rebuilding page resources, which lead to the issue at