[RESOLVED] Hugo server not serving all/newly added content

I have just upgraded to Hugo 0.30 on macOS High Sierra; I have placed an image in public/img where my other images are kept, however, the images that I had previously placed in that folder are accessible at http://localhost:1313/img/image.jpg whereas the newly added image produces a 404.

The output from hugo server isn’t really helpful, so I’m unable to provide any more details. All I can say is that I have then tried to serve the public folder from my local Apache server, and I noticed that the css and a few more folders (excluding the img folder) were missing. Upon running hugo again (just hugo), the folders have appeared, and serving the public folder via Apache works as expected.

I am willing to provide more details, but I will need some guidance as to how to obtain them.

Thank you.

In 0.30 hugo introduced “Fast Render Mode” as the default, which builds only recently changed items. You can disable it:

Running in Fast Render Mode. For full rebuilds on change: hugo server --disableFastRender

cc: @bep in regards to whether or not it should be on by default.

Disabling Fast Render Mode doesn’t make a difference unfortunately. I already had this issue in version 0.29.

Okay. I saw the 0.30. (maybe skip the cc, then @bep)

Also, I note you mention you put the images in public/img but by default Hugo uses the static folder for assets. Can you try that instead?

edit: link to directory structure docs

OK, I’ll try that and report back, thanks!

@budparr, thanks, that worked!

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