Resize image in Hugo (v 0.32)

I am trying to resize an image in Hugo (not using HTML / CSS), which is apparently available in the v 0.32 update. Beneath the “Image Processing” heading at the link in the last sentence, the following “Resize” method is described:

Resize to the given dimension, {{ $logo.Resize “200x” }} will resize to 200 pixels wide and preserve the aspect ratio. Use {{ $logo.Resize “200x100” }} to control both height and width.

I’m having some trouble implementing this in my Hugo site. In particular, I am using a .md file, and am trying to add an image which is stored somewhere else in the site’s source files.

For example, here’s how I would add the (not-resized) image in the .md file:

![pdf image](../static/_media/images/pdf.png)

How could I add this same file, resized to 50x50 pixels, using the resize method in the v0.32 release? Thank you!

The .Resize function works for Page Bundles. That is you need to have that image under the same directory as your content file not under /static/. Also you need to use an So you either rename your content file as or you create the alongside your content file.