Replacing preserveTaxonomyNames question


Prior to 0.55.0 this worked fine. But with the removal of preserveTaxonomyNames I’m unsure how to proceed. The note in the updated documentation says to use .Page.Title, but I don’t believe that applies in my case.

You can see on the website produced that the tags are turned into things like “distributed-systems”. With the old option this would be the much more presentable “Distributed Systems”.

When displaying a specific tag, I still have access to “Distributed Systems” but can’t figure out how to get otherwise.

Here is for listing tags for a post where everything works fine:

And the front page where it doesn’t work:

In particular:

  {{ range $key, $value := .Site.Taxonomies.tags }}

$key is the “distributed systems” version of the tag and in this context, it’s unclear to me how to get the “Distributed Systems” version.

As far as I can tell, you can’t. However, I’m not an expert here so I’m looking for assistance.
Is this case no longer possible and it was perhaps overlooked when the feature was removed? If it is possible, I’d appreciate some pointers on how to implement.

At the moment, I’m building the site with 0.53 as it works as desired.


p.s. Apologies for not putting a direct link to the GH repo and the rendered website. As a new user I am only allowed 2 links in this post.

The repo is

seantallen/ on GitHub

The website is

seantallen .com without the space

I figured out a partial solution:

I can do {{ $key | humanize }}.

Which changes “distributed-systems” to “Distributed systems” which is close to the original “Distributed Systems”

You can try:

{{$value.Page.Title}} / {{$value.Page.Permalink}}


There is no .Page on hugolib.WeightedPages

Is that an error you are getting?

I get:

{{ range $key, $value := .Site.Taxonomies.tags }}
  {{$value.Page.Title}} / {{$value.Page.Permalink}}
Distributed Systems / http://localhost:1313/tags/distributed-systems/

Ah, wait. I was accidentally running with an earlier Hugo.