Replacing development project from github

I want to remove the contents of my developing company web site on github and replace it with a new, incomplete version using a different theme: justice.

All web pages tell me to go to the top of the project page to the three-dot menu and select ‘delete project’ from the menu. But, there is no menu. I can’t delete the project, individual directories, or files.

What am I missing here?

Just create a new repository, and delete the old one when you’re sure you don’t need it anymore.


It’s the ‘delete’ part that I cannot find when looking at that repo. Since
the new one is completely different I don’t need the one that’s now on



Visit, scroll to the bottom, and …

You might find this GitHub tutorial helpful:

Thanks! I didn’t scroll to the bottom of the General section.

I hope soon to have enough of the Justice theme site working to push up to



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