Removing projects in Academia theme

The Academia theme comes with an example site that I’m using for my own build. The example includes a ‘Projects’ section that uses the portfolio widget. There are 6 dummy projects that come with the example site. I’d like to remove 2 of them from the ‘Projects’ section but I can’t figure out how to do it.

Each project has its own directory within /content/project. I figured out how to add a project – I just create a new directory with .md file within, and voila, there’s the project. So to remove a project, I figured if I just deleted the directories then the corresponding projects would disappear.

But they didn’t! The projects still appear on the page. And now I really don’t understand where the code is getting the information to render to the webpage.

Can anyone help? I am a Hugo newbie, and I don’t fully understand how the website is rendered. The Academia theme makers don’t have good documentation, so I’m having trouble finding a solution to this problem.

Hi! Could you please give a link to your build? It’s really not clear on what you are doing. If you are delete any content it’s don’t be present. So if you see it you don’t delete it from your system. But I don’t understand from where you are trying delete example files to give you any answer.This is a simple test to check your actions - just delete projects which you are added. If they not dissappear after removing your really doing something wrong.

By the way docs are explained deleting unused pages.

Reading docs the best habit for newcomers. If you can’t find answer for your question on academic docs, you can read this forum and if this reading don’t clear your understanding how Hugo are doing main things, you will understand how to ask your next question to get quickly response))

Thank you for your response. For some reason, the issue is now resolved. I do not understand why or how.

Let me see if I can show you what I mean. My site is hosted like this:

| ____ content
| ____ | ____ home
| ____ | ____ | ____
| ____ | ____ project
| ____ | ____ | ____ project1
| ____ | ____ | ____ | ____
| ____ | ____ | ____ project2
| ____ | ____ | ____ | ____

So the file is where I set parameters for how the projects will be listed/displayed on my homepage. The files in /project1/ and /project2/ are the pages that will have the content of my projects (description, graphics, etc.). My homepage then displays tiles for project1 and project2.

I deduce that adding another folder, /project3/, would then add another tile to homepage. And indeed, that is the case.

But I wanted to remove the tile for /project1/. I figure that if adding a folder will add a tile, then removing a folder will remove a tile. So I delete /project1/, and yet the tile remains in the projects section of my homepage.

I hope that is a little clearer! Again, the issue has resolved itself, somehow. Maybe it was a cache issue all along, I really don’t know.

Lastly, regarding your link, I do appreciate it but it appears that webpage has been changed, since it does not include detailed information about how to delete items from a site.