Render pages without .html extension how to

Hello guys,
my development server (localhost:1313) rendered all pages fine without .html extensions.
Then I uploaded it to an apache2 test webserver - and problems began… After an investigation I found that apache2 webserver renders the 1st page of a hugo website very well after you set " baseURL = “” "

However apache2 webserver does not render other pages without .html extension- says “page not found”! If I add .html to the filename - the page shows up.

Researching this issue I found that lots of pages discuss this issue and lots of people offer solutions how to make apache2 webserver render pages without .html extension - but all of those don’t work! So far I didn’t find just one solution that indeed works. Does anyone know how to make apache2 webserver render hugo pages without .html extension??

Is mod_rewrite required or not?
Is .htaccess data required or not? What exactly?
Is adding config data to apache2.conf required or not? What exactly?

I want to ask our guys - please, if you care to answer a question, make your answer comprehensible not only by you, but by other people as well. Write things not for yourself, but for others to understand!

Thanks in advance!

I know we often answer non-hugo questions here, it’s inevitable. But your question is too off topic. Closing this thread. Wishing you good luck.

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