Remove social media on even theme


I am new to hugo. I can make the markdown now. I can generate the public folder.
The issue is when I add even theme and copied the toml file. I could add disqus. But I cannot remove the social media buttons or selecting them. I want to have facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and github.

I am learning how to use hugo but I can’t change these matters on the theme even.


So you’ll need to edit the section below line 184 of the config file (assuming that when you say ‘copied the toml file’ you mean you’ve copied config.toml from the theme’s example site).

What I’d recommend is, for the networks you don’t want to link to, put a # at the start of the line so it’s ignored or delete the line if you don’t think you’ll ever want to link to that site.

Yes, I removed the links that were not appropriate. But when I did, the links were still there. Maybe, I will find a way to make a new theme. I want to use even theme because I am working on an anime-style website. It’s for a customer. I can see them even when I click on the links I want, they are working. As I said maybe I will learn how to make a theme for this customer.
I really got it. Thanks