Remove next/previous buttons and left/right keyboard shortcut

I am using the Hugo Learn Theme: Learn | Hugo Themes

It puts next/previous buttons (chevrons) that take up column space, and has a keyboard shortcut: left/right arrow to go next/previous pages.

Is there a way I can disable both the keyboard shortcuts and remove the chevrons to get back that space?

Practically speaking, I am not building a site for which “next/previous” navigation is useful.

I tried searching for variations on “hugo disable pager”, “navigation”, “next/previous buttons” etc but could not find an answer to question. I found the Hugo - Pagination doc page, but could not grok any relevant information from it.


Copy this file to the default layouts folder at the root of your Hugo project with the same path (layouts/partials/footer.html) and remove the highlighted part below

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Marvelous - thank you very much!


Or, from: Configuration :: Documentation for Hugo Learn Theme

   # Hide Next and Previous page buttons normally displayed full height beside content
   disableNextPrev = true

Which seems to do the same thing.

Even better!

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