[Release] Darth's Hugo Shortcodes

I needed embedded podcast widgets for a friend’s site I’m working on (Test), went a bit insane and made a Hugo module with shortcodes based off a few different audio providers. I’m working on adding more sites, basing the shortcodes off official iframe embed templates. I’m actively using some on my website (e.g. Shakespeare Stories | Of Machines and Men)

Here is the GitHub repo:

Usage, pull requests welcome; there’s a whole bunch of half-finished shortcode templates in the experimental branch that will be mainlined once finished (or, if any of you actually uses any of those services, feel free to hack away).



  • Added Imgur as working
  • Added Google Docs/sheets/slides/drawings/drive/forms embeds
  • Added OpenSea NFT embeds (doesn’t work well, but then NFTs are garbage)

Re Mastodon (going from what you listed in your TODO section on the repo), that’s actually not that hard:


If anyone knows responsive design better than I, the Google Suite icons need some sort of responsive position that adjusts with size of the embed. I tried, but couldn’t figure out much more.

Currently emailing OpenSea to find out why their end of the NFT embed nonsense isn’t working.

Also trying to figure out how to embed Sharepoint/Onedrive articles/documents, as that will be needed for my temp job starting soon. Looks like might be a difficult one, or at least not as easy as Google Suite.