Related content not shown on multilingual site

I have a partial like this:

{{ $related := .Site.RegularPages.Related . | first 5 }}
{{ $related }}

{{ with $related }}
<h3>{{ i18n "weitereArtikel" }}</h3>
	{{ range . }}
	<li><b><a href="{{ .RelPermalink | relLangURL }}">{{ .Title }}</a></b><br>
    	{{if .Params.Description }}
            <em>{{ .Description }}</em><br>
        {{ end }}
	{{ end }}
{{ end }}

On the page (single.html in section “blog”) the variable $related in line 2 says Pages(0) - so obviously no pages found to render.

I also have a block like this in config.toml

threshold = 80.0
includeNewer = true
toLower = false

   name = "keywords"
   weight = 50.0

   name = "sometaxonomy"
   weight = 60.0

   name = "someothertaxonomy"
   weight = 60.0

This setup is running on 2 websites with no problem.
But it does not on a third website.
Only difference: this third website is set up in 2 languages.

I could not find any reference what to possibly change for a multi language setup if wanting to show related pages.

Did you rule out that there is nothing in your content that hits the threshold you are setting? Related content can be empty if nothing hits the filter. It might help to see your repo with some of the content.

But setting the threshold to ‘0’ should show up anything?

No, I’m sorry, I am not allowed to show content here - confidential at my workplace :frowning:
Here it works fine - one of the other sites

Hmmm, blackbox debugging :wink: … Try to post the configuration of your taxonomies and let us know if you setup some form of .md file for any taxonomy term. And yes, threshold 0 should show all IMHO.

OK, at this moment there are more than 100 articles in the blog section.

In config.toml I have e.g.

        rechtliches = "rechtliches"

        rechtliches = "legal-matters"

and for example in the frontmatter there is something like this in

date                = "2020-06-30T12:20:58+02:00"
author             = "Verfasser"
title                  = "Headline German"
rechtliches      = ["Geld"]

and in

date                = "2020-06-30T12:20:58+02:00"
author             = "Verfasser"
title                  = "Headline English"
legal-matters   = ["Money"]

and for this I cannot see any mistake.

But what I did in the meantime was to delete the keywords index in the related section of config.toml as I do not use these in this internal site.

Some related articles show up in the meantime in the german site - not in the english part. But there are only a dozen articles til now - perhaps this will change some time.

Anyway: thanks for pointing me to the direction to play with those numbers (even though these exact numbers worked fine for both other sites similar in size and structure :thinking:) …

I wonder if that maybe leads to

   name = "rechtliches"

being ignored in the english section of your site because “technically speaking” it’s legal-matters now. I don’t have enough multilingual sites to have experience with this. Maybe someone else has an idea.

That’s what I’m also not sure if I have to do something like I have to do with the taxonomies (Related content not shown on multilingual site - #5 by ominty)

So perhaps

   name = "rechtliches"


   name = "legal-matters"