I don't understand why hugo says "ref ... page not found"

I’m creating a new site and I get an error message and I don’t understand why I get it. The site is dual language Swedish/English, default language English. Two of the pages are in the same directory


These two pages are only available in English. In links.md I have the following text:

so I [moved this section to a separate page]({{< ref "linksphoto.md" >}})

when I run hugo I get the following error message

Building sites … ERROR 2020/08/27 09:11:40 [en] REF_NOT_FOUND: Ref "linksphoto.md": "xxxxxx/content/pages/links.md:11:100": page not found

And I can’t figure out why (I’ve rewritten the link a couple of time to make sure that there isn’t any invisible chars there, also copied the filename and pasted it in to avoid spelling errors). I’ve read the documents and as I understood them this should work … but I’m apparently missing something. Can anyone point me to my, what I assume, obvious mistake?

Is linksphoto.md unpublished (draft, expired, or future)? Or, to put it another way, what happens when you run hugo server -DEF?

Of course !!! Huge thanks :grinning:

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