Redlounge theme: How to make pages?

Hi, everyone,

I’m new to this Hugo thingy, mainly using other systems but interested in using Hugo for a mostly static website for a part of my development projects.

I found the redlounge theme to suit my needs, I thoroughly followed the official documentation to try and add new content pages. However, everything is rendered as articles.

I made a “welcome” post (hugo new post/ which appears as a post on Hugo’s “home” page. (However, it is only displayed as an excerpt. Is there an option to show the full article instead?) Then I tried to make a new page which should be displayed with the default Home page in the sidebar: hugo new - which created just another article.

I’m lost. Can anyone help me? :-/

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Nice avatar. One of my favorite bands and albums.

Hugo’s a great choice, and welcome.

I’m sure in the docs (not the readme for redlounge but also the doc site) have this but,

  • posts go in mysite/content/post/
  • articles go in content/

I kept re-reading the docs and finally started to get it. It took a while, but maybe I’m just slow.

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Thanks. I also like the overall facial expression. :wink: And thanks for the warm welcome.

Well, my current setup actually is having two *.md files in /content and one in /content/post, but the parser handles all of them as posts. (Sorry, I mixed up the wording, my blog has been WordPress since 2005… I meant: the two files should be “articles” (which equals “pages” in Hugo, right?) and the third one should be a “post”.)

Not 100% sure on the terminology, but, this page has a decent explanation:

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In fact, have a read of that whole section. It’s a combination of the folder structure, with the way you structure and name your templates. ANy theme you use, will make assumptions about this, but it’s easy enough to restructure.

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As the described process didn’t work for me, I thought this theme has - maybe - some specific settings. The readme tells me that I can, at least, create pages based on folders, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to specify single files as a page explicitly.

And there doesn’t seem to be an option to set a certain article as “Home”. Does Hugo itself have it somewhere?

The home page is specified by the index.html template. I used redlounge at first too for my site. Check my github rickcogley, for the repo RCC… . You can see how I specified.

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Thanks, I’ll play with it. :slight_smile:

Sorry if I ask stupid questions yet.

No prob

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@halostatue is the author of that theme. Maybe he will know…

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Not a stupid question. I’m actually the author of the cabaret theme, based originally on redlounge by @tmaiaroto.

The essence is that you need to make sure to use the type field usefully and make sure that your home page (layouts/index.html) does not include things that are not type = 'post'. I haven’t had a lot of time recently to play with the themes, but my site (—I haven’t yet opened the source to it—has two pages, and a couple of collections of different types of posts.

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