Redirect hugo site feed?

Couldn’t find info on this one.

In my current setup my site’s feed is at:

How can I point this to the feed address that is generated by Hugo?

Currently you would have to do that with a separate router or similar (Apache …).

But when this goes green it would solve your use case:

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Ok. Thanks for the reply.

However I will not be hosting the site on an Apache server and cannot implement this solution.

Guess I’ll have to live with it…

As I said - once the above pull request is merged, it will solve your problem.

Ok. Read your reply a bit quickly on mobile. Sure I’ll wait.

I can see that this pull request was merged in Hugo 0.14 but there is no info in the Docs about it.
So how can it be implemented?

Does rssUri go into config.toml like so?

rssUri= ""

Or do I simply change the RSSLink to my site’s feed? Thanks.

There was a missing piece in the RSSUri in 0.14 (fixed now), as it only works for the main feed.

Just put

rssURI = “rss.xml” (or whatever)

into config.toml and you will get a feed at

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Thank you! You’re the best!

And even the best do mistakes: I have corrected the misspelling: rssUR => rssURI

when changing the rssURI, i think the .RSSlink does not change accordingly. Is this done by intention? How can i dynamically reference the URL of the RSS feed in my header template then?

What i mean:
my rssURI=“feed”, but the RSSlink in the header still resolves to index.xml